Sunday, 19 April 2009

11. Funch is an Android

Funch had been asleep for a long time.

But she was happy with herself,
she knew something no one else did,
and she was proud.

She couldn't see very much, but that was normal.
She was short, she could rarely see over the counter at the sweet shop.
But this was different.

Something had changed.
and it was something that only Funch could detect.
A magical sensor in her head.

There was a rustling sound beside her,
and something that felt like a large otter.
Funch had spent very little time with otters,
but she knew a poem about them.
"Getting off with the Doctor?
You rotter, you otter!
Ray Liotta, he's an otter.
Or rather he's not a,
He's not an otter.

But it wasn't actually an otter, Funch could tell.
In fact, she never seriously believed it was.
But the otter poem was so good.

Sometimes you've just got to close your eyes and pretend.
Pretend that something is not what it is.
Pretend that the world just falls into natural rhyme.

Funch could do that.
She was a robot.

It was like she had her very own LDR embedded in her head.
She could tell when it was light, and when it was dark.

And right now it was dark.