Sunday, 22 June 2008

6. Funch wants to be BillyMo

Mrs Egg had been promising her pupils that she'd put on a play for at least a year.
It was something she'd been saying to her friends ever since she left theatre school, but it had never happened.
"Yeah, I know it's crap being a teacher, too much work to mark, blah blah blah!
But I'll have plenty of time to do the stuff I love.
I can probably even put on a play at the school.
Even better than working in the theatre, I'll get a proper wage for it!"

But they all knew it was a well-meaning lie. No one had ever got round to spend any time doing any of the things they love, ever. Once you gave up being a student, it was crap work every day from then until 60. That was it?

But Mrs Egg was different.
She was a determined young woman.
And, besides all that, she was going to get overtime for all the rehearsals she ran.

It took just a few nights reading around to work out what play to put on, and a few more hours to work out a schedule for the auditions.

This was going to be big;
"I'm going to bring Groundhog Day to the stage" she announced to the class.

She was going for a bit of the "crazy" factor, it's true. But what better work of storytelling exists than that phenomenal 90s partnership of BillyMo and HaroldRamis?

"BillyMo may be a ho, but Groundhog Day is not gay." went a popular playground rhyme of the time

Funch sat cross-legged on the carpet. She was wearing a yellow dress covered in pictures of an adorably pink little pig. She gazed enchantedly at Mrs Egg.
She was sweating a bit,
but she knew that would pass.

She knew she had to be BillyMo!