Sunday, 15 June 2008

5. Funch is a natural

The rehearsal was well underway.

There were girls twirling, girls hurling.
There were girls spinning, girls being spun.
There were girls jumping, girls humping.
There were girls turning, girls gurning.

Pretty much everything you'd imagine from a dance studio (if you can imagine one), fitness and finesse, eating disorders and underage drinking.

Georgie Gutter-Guts was there, showing off as always.
There was something about her that made you feel sick.
She looked so happy.
She looked so healthy.

A big ugly lizard dressed up to look hot.
But too hot!
She had such a perfect abdomen.
So perfect that Blowtwiddle had to cover himself just thinking of it.

Funch was dressed for the occasion.
Standing at the edge of the dancefloor she looked "different" in her leotard.
Her knobbly knees and increasingly aged face left her a bit off-key compared to her youthful competitors, but she knew what she was doing.

"I don't care that I don't know the routine. It's frellin' easy! I can work it out as I go along."

Blowtwiddle was less sure.

But Funch was a natural.
It didn't matter that she knew none of the steps, she could just wing it.
She'd jump onto the floor, spin around, and everyone would be enraptured.

It had happened before!