Saturday, 24 May 2008

2. Funch wants to dance

From birth Stevey Snake knew he wanted to be a contortionist.

While he was still in his mother's tummy he spent a week practicing sucking his own toes.
The day he was born he perfected the splits.
Two weeks later he could hop on one leg, with the other wrapped around his neck.
By the time most children were taking their first steps, he was imitating a flight of stairs (very useful for his mum at the supermarket)

He was going to be the most famous contortionist ever.
"The Amazing Stevey Snake
can shape his body like a snowflake"
That's what the posters were going to say (even if it is a rubbish rhyme).
But they never did.

Why? Because Stevey Snake didn't have the guts to finish off the job.

But Funch was different.
She had talent
She had fortitude
She had ginger hair
"I want to be a dancer, Daddy!
I can feel it in my heart!"
she kept saying.

Of course, she couldn't dance, but that didn't matter.